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There is no denying the fact that the topic of whether to go home for the Spring Festival has become a heated debate. Many people have different opinions on this matter.

One group of people believes that it is important to go home and spend time with family during the Spring Festival. They argue that the Spring Festival is a time for family reunions and it is a tradition that should be upheld. According to statistics, more than 70% of people in China travel back to their hometowns during the Spring Festival every year. This shows the importance that people attach to family values and the desire to spend time with loved ones during this festive season.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to travel during the Spring Festival instead of going home. They argue that the Spring Festival is a time for relaxation and leisure, and what better way to enjoy it than by going on a vacation? In recent years, the number of people choosing to travel during the Spring Festival has been increasing. According to a survey conducted by a travel agency, more than 30% of people plan to travel during the Spring Festival this year. This indicates a shift in mindset and a growing trend of people choosing to explore new destinations during the holiday.

In my opinion, whether to go home or travel during the Spring Festival depends on individual circumstances and preferences. For those who have been living and working far away from home, going home to reunite with family is a meaningful and significant event. It provides an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and strengthen family bonds. On the other hand, for those who have been working hard throughout the year and need a break, traveling during the Spring Festival can be a great way to relax and rejuvenate. It allows them to explore new places, experience different cultures, and broaden their horizons.


Time flies and the joyful Spring Festival has come to an end. The memories of the Spring Festival, such as wearing new clothes, receiving red envelopes, and spending time with family, still linger in my mind. Among all the happy moments, what left the deepest impression on me is my uncle\'s...

Overall, the Spring Festival is a time for celebration and joy. It is a time to appreciate our cultural traditions, spend time with family and loved ones, and create cherished memories. Whether we choose to go home or travel during the Spring Festival, let us make the most of this special time and embrace the festive spirit.


The customs of the Spring Festival vary from place to place. For example, in Guangzhou, there is an annual Spring Flower Market, which has a history of over a thousand years. It has become a renowned event and a major attraction for visitors from all over the world. The flower market showcases a wide variety of beautiful flowers and plants, creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere. It is a feast for the senses and a symbol of prosperity and good fortune for the coming year.

Another interesting tradition during the Spring Festival is the Dragon Dance. This traditional performance involves a team of dancers wearing dragon costumes and performing coordinated movements to the rhythm of drums and gongs. The Dragon Dance is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. It is a spectacular sight that brings joy and excitement to the community.

Reflecting on these experiences, I am amazed by the richness and diversity of our culture. The Spring Festival is not only a time for celebration but also an opportunity to appreciate and preserve our cultural heritage. It reminds us of the importance of traditions and the values they represent. Let us cherish our customs and pass them on to future generations.


In this year of 2022, there are many people who are unable to go home for the Spring Festival due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is the requirement to undergo nucleic acid testing as a precautionary measure. This situation has led to many people staying in different locations and unable to reunite with their families.

While it is indeed unfortunate that we cannot be together with our loved ones during this special time, it is important to remember that our health and safety should be the top priority. Although physical distance separates us, we can still stay connected through modern technology such as video calls or online gatherings. This allows us to share the festive spirit and celebrations with our families in a virtual way.

In conclusion, while it may be disappointing not to be able to reunite with our families during the Spring Festival, we must put the health and safety of ourselves and others first. Let us make the most out of the situation and find alternative ways to celebrate and stay connected with our loved ones. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder.


During the summer holiday, my parents decided to take our family on a vacation to Beijing. We stayed at the luxurious Huabei Hotel, which offered comfortable accommodations and excellent service. Our trip was filled with exciting adventures and memorable experiences.

On the first day, we visited the iconic Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world. The grandeur and magnificence of the wall left us in awe. We climbed the steep steps, took countless photos, and marveled at the breathtaking views from the top. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that brought our family closer together.

We also explored the historic Forbidden City, where we immersed ourselves in the rich cultural heritage of ancient China. The intricate architecture, beautiful gardens, and precious artifacts took us on a journey back in time. We learned about the emperors, concubines, and the fascinating history behind this magnificent palace.

In the evenings, we enjoyed traditional Beijing cuisine, such as Peking duck and dumplings. The flavorful dishes delighted our taste buds and gave us a deeper appreciation for the local culture. We also watched a mesmerizing acrobatics show, where talented performers amazed us with their agility, strength, and precision.

Overall, our family trip to Beijing during the Spring Festival was an unforgettable experience. It allowed us to create lasting memories, strengthen our bond, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our country. Going on a vacation together during the Spring Festival can be a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy quality time with our loved ones.


Hi Mike,
I hope you understand Chinese, because I want to tell you that my winter holiday starts on the 26th. I\'m excited to hear that you\'ll be coming to China! Can you please let me know the specific date of your arrival? The weather in Henan is quite cold, so make sure to pack warm clothes. My whole family is looking forward to meeting you and showing you around our hometown. We will make sure you have a memorable and enjoyable time in China. See you soon!
Best regards,
Li Hua


(1) At this point, as I am getting closer and closer to home and will soon be reunited with my family, I can\'t help but feel a warm sense of joy and anticipation. The long journey and the challenges faced along the way seem insignificant compared to the happiness that awaits me at home. The feeling of not feeling cold or lonely is a testament to the power of family and the sense of belonging that it brings.

(2) The word \"finally\" cannot be omitted because it emphasizes the strong desire I have to return home as soon as possible. It conveys a sense of relief and eagerness that is deeply felt in my heart.


In the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the sound of firecrackers woke me and my father up. We quickly put on our new clothes and stepped outside. My father had already prepared auspicious couplets and lanterns, which he hung up at the entrance. The bright red color, symbolizing good luck and fortune, brought a festive aura to our home. As we looked around, we noticed that many other families were also bustling with preparations for the Spring Festival. The streets were adorned with red decorations, and the air was filled with excitement and joy.

During the Spring Festival, family gatherings, delicious meals, and various festive activities are the highlights. The reunion dinner on New Year\'s Eve is an important tradition for us to celebrate the coming year. We prepare a variety of dishes, each symbolizing different blessings and wishes. As we sat together around the table, laughter and conversations filled the air. The joy of being together and enjoying delicious food creates a warm and harmonious atmosphere that cannot be found at any other time of the year.

In addition to the delicious food, the Spring Festival is also a time for cultural activities and performances. Traditional dragon and lion dances can be seen on the streets, adding a lively and vibrant touch to the festive atmosphere. People gather in parks to fly kites, write calligraphy, and participate in various games and contests. These activities bring people together and create a sense of community and unity.

As the Spring Festival comes to an end, we bid farewell to the festive celebrations and return to our daily lives. However, the memories and experiences of the Spring Festival will always hold a special place in our hearts. The Spring Festival is not only a time to celebrate the new year, but also a time to cherish our traditions and strengthen the bonds with our loved ones.